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Server move
Hi all,

I will soon do a change of my web hosting package, which will of course also affect the forum. In the past, the forum has been hosted at Strato, then at Schlund and now at All-Inkl.

The first move became necessary because Stato proved to be very unreliable at the time. Schlund was hoster aiming at corporate customers. It was a bit on the expensive side, but they where very reliable. Eventually the web space of 300 MB got too limiting and adding only a little amount of memory was forbiddingly expensive. I would have liked to stay at Schlund but it just wasn't economically feasible. Therefore I moved to All-Inkl who have reasonable reliability, service and prices. But now the time has come to do another move. I consider to move to the next larger package at All-Inkl increasing my web space from 1 GB to 10 GB. The performance should be better since the server is shared with only half as many customers. And, best of all, the price tag is about the same since additional services (additional domains and and spam filters for email) are already included in the bigger package.

The move should take place soon, I will post the time when I order the bigger package. I hope that operation will be with little or no interuption but I can't guarantee that there won't be a short downtime of a few hours. Lets hope not. At least I am prepared should there be a data loss. Last Saturday, I have written a small program which allows me to do incremental backups of the forum.

Stay tuned, keep on roller skating and don't get hurt!

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