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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
A RollerRant & some videos too.

Hey Everybody. How's it going? I hope all's well with everyone in their respective little corners of the World. I'm so Stoked on how into these Vert-Trading cards everyone seems to be. We're Hella-Lucky to have Irene on our Team! Speaking of which: I anxiously await Sister Irene's arrival next Friday 10-30.
Irene, I just found out that there's a Halloween Party that night @ Wagon Wheel. Beer & empty pools. Are we F'n there or what?! :)
So, 1st my rant:
I'm paying our cell bill yesterday @ the Sprint store when the guy behind the register says "Nice Tattoo". I lift my right arm for him to get a better look & realize he's been looking at the left when he says "Dam, you've got 2 of 'em!" I said "well they DO come in pairs". So he says "what? you must spend alot of time @ the rink, huh?" I said: "no, I'm an Aggressive rollerskater. I skate in skateparks & empty swimming pools." So he looks @ me & says " WOW! What's your favorite sport?" (This is a security question they ask to gain access to your account. I raise both my arms & say "Rollerskating" it's the answer to security question. He accesses my account, I pay my bill & he says to me: "So, in the skateparks, you skate rollerblades?" I look @ him, EXASPERATED, & say "NO!" raising both arms & wiggling them @ him, "I ROLLERSKATE!"
Now, I ask you, do I need to Tattoo a Frickin 1/2 pipe on my inner arms, or just have a stack of Vert Trading Cards of myself to hand out to R-Tards like this guy??
OK, I open the Floor to opinions, suggestions whatever on this topic.

Now the skating. You guys saw the footage of Ben attemting a backflip into foampit @ Landslide Skatepark but you didn't see the photos. So, I've included them, along with some of me from today in an Animoto Slideshow. I THINK I've figured out how to Embed them now but not sure if it'll work so bear with me......

And since (Free) Animoto only allows 30 seconds & cuts video clips if neccessary I'm including some PB video clips too.....

1st: Me doing a Front-Side (or, if you're a stickler & don't think Parallel skaters can do FS Aerials an Unnatural) Aerial right @ Dawn (Camera)

I'm pretty stoked on that cuz I NEVER do unnatural airs. And while I know this is SMALL (about 2 1/2') I only did it cuz Dawn insisted due to angle of Sun. And it was no biggie. I landed all of 'em I tried.

Alright now, the video Animoto cut out; me going down the double waterfall sidesurf.

More Aerials & carving:

And in case you didn't believe the video when you watched it:

Jay SideSurf Down the Double Waterfalls

Anyway, hope the Animoto Embed worked...if not I'll try to correct but you may have to cut-n-paste.
PEACE......... Jay
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