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A skate on your hand? That reminds me of a live performance I once saw years ago, I think at Sea World.

As I recall, it was on a covered stage and everything in the background was painted black. The performers were wearing colorful costumes with strange designs and everything was colored including all exposed skin. They were on roller skates and skating on ramps including a quarter pipe, and I cannot remember what else. It must have been 23 years ago. There must have been 5 or six of them skating all together. I had never seen anyone skate like this before, ever. The one thing that was really interesting was that they not only had quad skates on their feet, but some of them also had what looked a single large caster attached to each hand and were rolling on all four limbs! These casters were probably the size of one you would find on a shopping cart. The costumes and makeup, along with the black background (you could not see any ramps at all) made it seem like there were these alien creatures drifting around. It was spectacular.

The show was simply titled " Wheels ". My little sister and I were completely mesmerized by the performance. When I first found the local park here in San Antonio 4 years ago, I immediately had an urge to mound wheels on my hands and go rolling around the bowl looking like an alien dog the way I had seen these people do so many years ago.
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