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Winter Quarters
Well guys, we left the Michigan winter behind, down in the 20s already, and are moved into the winter quarters in Tucson Arizona. This is one Sk8 friendly town. 80* and sunny, surrounded by mountains and backed up to the Saguarro National Park. Believe it or not, there is a ramp that goes right out our front door. There are natsayers who would suggest it's a handicapped ramp, but we all know better, right? The streets are asphalt with a 15 mph (think that's about 20 kph) and are slightly hilly. Perfect for getting an old pair of legs back in shape. As I am less than technologically savvy, I shall request my #1 son to relay the vid. There are some great parks here - will report as soon as I can visit them with my lovely camera person Robbie. Roll on..........Ben (aka Jays Dad)
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