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2 Days at Jaws, 1 Video
Four years ago I started skating at the park with my little sister Mary. After less than six months she had a fall and suffered a really nasty ankle injury. The break prevented her from skating for over a year and has left her right foot pointed outward a little. Since then she has refused to go near any park.... until a few weeks ago! She is still in the beginner phases of vert skating but is really having fun with it so far. Her presence in this video shows the best that she can do so far. The first part was from last Sunday with her and myself.

Yesterday, I met up with Biff and Raven, and Tim A at the same park. We had a great skate session together, with everyone skating very well for their skill level. This is something that we all would love to do at least on a weekly basis...skating with other quad vert skaters.

Tim, it was really great to meet you and I look forward to another session or 2 before you head back home.

Biff, I normally skate at Jaws early Sunday mornings, but if you guys have plans elsewhere at a later time I just might be able to meet up with you tomorrow and possibly bring my sister along. Let me know if you want to get together.

And to everyone else on the forum, your videos have really inspired me to create more of my own. Without all of you I would not be so inclined to make new vids.

So, get your Beer Goggles on and kick back...

Tim B

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