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lee e (pictures by lee e)
the V-skate

Yes Lee and DR did enjoy the test drive.

Overall the skates are not that bad- a few pressure points where the buckles come together, and they only have one size, so if you have small feet the front axel is at your toes.

They were very very very very very very very slow - maybe just due to bad bearings?

If you have the minerals, you can get crazy rail slides.


DR was dropping into and getting air in the 12ft combi bowl @ Vans sick puppy

I had speed and control issues because I have a much smaller foot. I later changed to some softer articulation pads after the session was over and that seemed to compensate for having a super long truck base. But only tried these on street.

VSkate gave us three pairs to demo - just very stocked and props to VSkate for the free gear!!!!

More news later - may try to get out this weekend to do some more demos

: Hi Brian
: At first I thought your message announces your skates ... can't wait! Will they be a Brian Wainwright pro model by Vans? Or by Tracker? Or ...?
: The VSK8s look a bit funny and strange at first, but I think they are based on some sensible, sound, and consequent design strategies and concepts. I bet they have various relevant advantages. On the other hand I miss the stylish oldschool feeling of the classic roller skate system ...
: Did Lee and Duke enjoy their test drives? Will they stay with their skates or switch or use both?
: Tobi
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