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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
San Diego with 8 Skaters on 64 Wheels hitting 3.125 Parks in 2 days!

Hi Skaters & Skater-Lovers!
Well, what a weekend we had in San Diego. 1st let me say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who came out:

Duke, Karen & Chris Rennie, Desi Jones, Irene Ching, Robert Chase, Jamie F. and Dawn & Ryder Cloetens. I had an absolutely AWESOME time. The parks (excepting of course Washington St.! LOL!) were all Killer, the skating was all Exceptional & the Vibe was really Positive & Energetic. I gotta say getting onto the mini-ramp @ Encinitas & seeing Karen taking runs was no doubt the highlight of the skating for me.....but then I AM a bit of a 'punk-ramp' kinda skater so that ramp would've been fun without KP skating. With her shredding too & then meeting Jamie & having a session with him, as well, outta nowhere (I didn't know Jamie was coming til he showed up next to the ramp!) was super cool.
Anyway, the skating vids & pics.... Dawnie, Ryder & I met up with Irene in Escondido & convoyed to the Carmel Valley Sk8Park where in the parking lot we met Robert already in sk8s ready to go, along with Duke, Desi & Chris lacing/padding up. KP was saving herself for the wood @ Encinitas YMCA later that afternoon. With a minimum waste of time we got to skating this park's sole vertical feature: the Pool.

1st some pre-session pics:

Chris Rennie:
Chris Rennie

Yours Truly:
Yours Truly, Jay, ready to Sk8!

Karen Rennie:
Karen stretching out.

Karen & Desi Jones:
Karen stretching out.

Some Mid-Session Pics:
Desi Jones- Invert:

Desi Jones Invert @ Carmel Valley

Duke Rennie holding my baby boy Ryder:
Duke & Ryder @ Carmel Valley

My Awesome, Beautiful, Under-Appreciated Wife, Dawnie, Ryder & me:
Dawnie, Ryder & me @ Carmel Valley

A couple of the whole crew who skated @ Carmel Valley:

Dawnie, Ryder & me @ Carmel Valley

Quad Skaters Unite!

Now some video clips from Carmel Valley:

Robert Chase:

Quad Skaters Unite!

Duke Rennie:

Chris Rennie:

Desi Jones:

Not sure why we didn't get any Irene footage here.....I must've missed some uploads.....I'll have to check....cuz Irene was rippin' there as usual. There's one of me though ending in a failed weak layback attempt:

Then in was onto the Awesome park @ Encinitas YMCA. At this park I failed to capture any footage of Brother Duke (mostly cuz he was rippin the Kidney Pool there & it was a little too Snaky for me) as most of the time I was on the killer mini ramp. I had a BLAST on this mini-ramp. It really took me back to my early days of skating. And skating with Karen as well as Desi, Irene, Robert & Jamie was AWESOME! Hell, even Brother Duke took a couple crushin runs on this mini before the Siren Call of the pool lured him Away.....I was too mesmorized to think to pick up my camers though. :( Hopefully someone ELSE captured that. And will either post it here and/or send it to me. Hint hint. LOL.Also, if there's any footage of me from that YMCA mini, I'd love to see it, too, thanks.

So here's the YMCA stuff....

Ladies 1st where I come from so......

Karen Rennie:

Does she Rip, or what?!? Hell yes!

Irene Ching:

Chris Rennie (on Blades):

Robert Chase:

Robert, your skating VISIBLY improves every time I see you sk8! I wish the same was True of me! Keep it up!

Desi Jones:

Also Rippin' on this mini was Jamie F. from SD.....sadly, I fazed AGAIN & missed that filming opportunity.....
But some of us went over to the Vert Ramp......

Here's Ms. Ching:

Mr. Jones:

Mr. Chase:

And the Contest results:

1st: Chris Rennie 2nd: Karen Rennie 3rd: Irene Ching

1st: Robert Chase 2nd: Jay Cloetens 3rd: Karen Rennie

1st: Irene Ching 2nd: Jamie F. 3rd: Karen Rennie

1st: Jay Cloetens 2nd: Robert Chase 3rd: Karen Rennie

As you can see KP placed in all categories & as such was deemed overall winner!
And that was how Day 1 went! Killer. Ending with cocktails in the HotTub. Nice. :)

So Day 2 started where I wanted, in spite of everyone else's obviously valid concerns; Washington Street Vigilante Tranny. They need some F*#kin Vigilantes over there cuz they DON'T ALLOW ROLLERSKATERS!!!!! So, observe the one & only quad skater to ever mar the surface of their Special Little Sk8Board park........Me. The 'crete sucked anyway.

So after some unpleasantness I'd sooner forget we were onto fairer vibes @ Memorial Skatepark. The Canyon Gap in this pool was begging Mr. Rennie to fly over it &, out of Respect to the locals, he waited til his 3rd run to do it. But then he started doing it BIGGER & BIGGER. He eventually airs over Desi whose standing in the Gap. Epic. Check it out:

Duke Airing Desi in Canyon Gap:

Irene Ching:

Jamie F. (sorry I don't know your last name me!):

Desi Jones:

Chris Rennie:

And, again, my Bad, no Robert footage from here though he was rippin this bowl with his Killer 1-Foot truck grinds, handplants & laybacks. Sorry, Robert, next sesh!
Here's one of me from that session:

Thanks to Everyone who came was great to see you all & sk8 with you. Jamie, it was great meeting you, Bro, keep skating & start posting!
I anxiously await everyone else's footage both from parks I was in attendance for AND the Clairmont sesh I missed!


Can't wait til RollerCon 2010.......Yeah!

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