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lee e (pictures by lee e)
v skate this
lots of questions... and I type really slow.

We will be shooting the first part of a promotional video Wed. 25th at Vans in Orange, Ca. I will try and get some of that footage to post. they seem to hold up to pool and ramp abuse pretty good.

plate stalls are scary -- total slipage

they turn good - actually i got the softer bushings and they may be too loose...

the buckel system does not work w smaller feet - they said they are still working on a more confortable buckle system.

cannot put regular rollerskate wheels on them becuase the axls are too narrow, something we are trying to work out. for obvious reasons they want you to buy their wheels.

the wheels they are using now are rollerblade like wheels - but very hard 90+ and Vans ramps are slippery!!

i may swch to softer rollerblade wheels w better berings

i will try and take pics of the actual skates to show everyone.

all the best


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