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Vids on YouTube: Sin City to SD
Hey all you Groovy Skaters,
I'm having connection slowness with my internet, delaying the posting of these vids. I've added 6 new ones from this trip here:

To sum it all up, it was a hella good time! Starting out at the lovely home of the Cloetens', where the surely perfect Ryder resides. He's just an angel and I'd glady care for his sweetness anytime. Always smiling and with a grand attitude, traveling along, no worries, cooing and giggles all the while. That's the way to make 'em. Miss that cute toothless grin.
Loads of fun skating with Jay at Anthem and 702, helmet-cam antics and all. Nice to be there when it's not triple digits of heat intensified squared. Off to San Diego to hang with my NYC transplants (er...sell-outs)...first stop at Papo's. He works so much, I hardly saw him, forget about skate with him... poor guy. Next, off to the San Diego Zoo! A must do! Love the pandas and the monkeys there... sooo coool. Moving on north to Vista, hanging with Priscilla, shopping and sushi and scotch. In the morning, Jay, Dawn and Ryder cruise into Cali for our SD skate weekend.... (this is where Jay's previous posting takes over)
After the gang leaves for Vegas and LA, ... Robert, Jamie and I head over to Coronado for lunch before skating some more. After an hour at Coronado skatepark, we hit up Clairemont til dusk. Sorry, no vids/pics taken by me here... I spaced out wonky... I will have some pics to post, tho'
I shot alot at the Zoo... easy since I'm not skating or chatting.
Highlights for me were: skating with Karen again, meeting Robert and Jamie, fun at the zoo, driving a PT Cruiser rental car, skating with all my old peeps at Encinitas and hanging with all you great folks again, esp Chris and Ryder... the blue jacuzzi @ Otay rocked, too!
Thanks for every minute, Everyone!
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