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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
A few more thoughts
Post whatever you want, Robert. I gave you Carte Blanche prior to my post, that you WERE anxious to see, to distance yourself from me or even jump on the Jay/Rollerskater-Bashing Wagon.
I put in my post that I was only speaking for myself & any recriminations were mine & mine ALONE.
I'm sorry this has offended or upset so many skaters, especially the ones I actually like (i.e. you guys/girls on the Forum)
But, as I believe I've already stated, I'm over it. The fact that so many people are SO UPSET does seem to lend credibility to some of my argument though. Otherwise noone would care.
Robert, it was NEVER my intention to cause any grief for you, or Jamie, or Duke or anyone else on 8 wheels. I told those Assholes I speak for Jay & Jay only. I never mentioned anyone else's name either.
& PLEASE let this be the End of the Wash St. Saga. These assholes have taken up WAY TOO MUCH of my life already.

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