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Help on sidestance down hill?
: I did fall with arms tucked and rolled, but I still hit my hip first. I don't have a trampoline or mats or anything like that. I guess the way I fell was it. Thanks.

Sometimes, a fall cannot be done gracefully. Hips get banged, road rash happens, and scrapes and bruises are the norm. But, anything that you can walk (skate) away from, without any need for a doctors visit...let alone surgery, is a win-win in my book!!

Always try to use the right equipment for what it is that you are skating. ***I.E. softer wheels, for outdoors, will roll over more pebbles and/or other obstacles and they will not hang up on cracks as easily as harder wheels.

You could always wear crash pants underneath your clothing. That would help with banging of hips. Learn WHICH parts of your body tend to hit the ground most often in falls, and then prepare accordingly. Meanwhile, keep up tumbling exercises and/or trampoline conditioning. Beefing up also helps to protect your bones.
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