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arm, what do you guys think?
Hey Claudine,

the answer is simple: If you fall in the same way like you did when your broke your arm, it will break again. No matter how well healed it is. This means you do not want to fall in the same way again. Ever. The only advice is also the same as ever: You got to learn not to fall in this way. I think you have made some progress in this direction by pulling your arms in. BUT: This will still result in unfavorable falls. In the transition, sliding on the knee pads is the way to go. Skateboard kids in a street skate park are no role model at all since they wear no pads. Older skateboarders skating transitions with their knee pads on are a better role model. You can obeserve them sliding on their knee pads. It is the only option for us roller skaters since we can not leave our board and run away.
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