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My Favorite Slide-Show yet! YOU are (probably) in this already!!
Hi Kids!
Happy Friday! And Happy Weekend! To my American Friends, Happy Post Triptophan-Induced Coma Day!

After an AMAZING meal (THANK YOU, Dawnie!!!) with some great friends, great conversation & even a couple of songs on my 12-String acoustic, I found myself alone. The friends had all gone home, my wife & baby asleep upstairs & yours truly with some time on his hands. So what did I do? I started looking at some old pics. Old pics on the forum, old pics from the past few RollerCons....all kinds of old pics.
Well, you know how I roll (ha ha), I had to get them into a cool-ass collage on Animoto.
So, people I've wanted to sk8 with, people I have sk8ed with & even people who just plain don't sk8 anymore are included here.
That means that even you, dear forum devotee, may be included in this very video.

I really LOVE this one, Kids. And I encourage you ALL to send me jpegs of yourselves, friends, sk8s, cool sk8 imagery, hot chicks, etc direct to my email. Animoto allows me to edit in new stuff now that I'm giving 'em $$ !
: )
So, send it this way if you think it belongs in what you just watched.

Hope you guys liked it as much as I did. Hope the Girls weren't TOO outrageous, but I DID want to give all my friends abroad some MORE incentive to make 2010 RollerCon a Priority if at all possible! As if the World-Class Skating you'd get to participate in isn't incentive enough! LOL!Seriously, Brian (wainwright) told me that he would be there in 2010, so.....with Duke, Irene, maybe Fred again, Tim, Brian, Desi & the rest of us, it'll be a Full Bill. Worth a trip across the pond. I promise.
Have a great weekend everyone!

BTW: my Captcha is
"jittery reproductive"... weird
due to TWO things:
1) I have been 'fixed'!
2 I don't want any children
YOUNGER than my Grandson!

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