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RollerCon 2010 Dates

Hey Everybody!
I know you've been waiting to tell your boss when you won't be there & buy your airline tickets & book your room at The Tropicana (not the IP this year, better rates)

So...........drumroll, please..........

RollerCon 2010 will be in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Wednesday July 28 --- Sunday August 01.

I've just messaged the Illustrious Aerialist Mr. Wainwright via Facebook the dates per a previous request & sincerely hope he can make it. :)
I also fervently hope YOU can make it, whether you've never been, or never missed one, whether you live in the next state over, or on the Bottom of the Planet (Joe, Ludi),
I want YOU to come out for 2010.
Think about it Kids. This may be your last chance. If the Mayans WERE right & the World's over in 2012, you may not get another RollerCon! And, what if they missed a couple leap years in their 5000 year long count? Maybe 2011?? LOL! So, get your Asses to Vegas, Kids. I'll do whatever I can to help you out & make the trip as hassle-free & inexpensive as possible. As RC coincides with my B-Day annually we always have a party in our room (usually on the Saturday) with drinks, food, etc. all on Yours Truly. Those who have been can testify to that. (Biff, Irene, you guys post here AND have seen the Cloetens' hospitality, Testify!) I don't ask Ben to testify as he's my Dad. You guys might not believe him! J/K!
Alright, I'm going to charge the still-closed Freedom Park pool with GPX & (possibly) another 4-wheeler. Then sk8in in Tucson with Ben. I'm even making Dawnie take her sk8s out of mothballs for that trip!
Best to All. I'd LOVE to hear some Positive RSVPing start to happen on my Dear RC Sk8Park Tour.

My captcha, I SWEAR is
"me obsesses" this shit
is getting a little
Creepy. PEACE
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