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lee e (pictures by lee e)
link 2 vid
ok ... the past vid never showed up so I just putting in the link to the vid.
(other vids are there!!)

all this talk about the vskate --- cool.

this is what keeps vert skating alive - continual - evolution - innovation and experimentation.

will these things take over like rollerblades - i dont know - i was one of the first skaters on the RollerBlade demo team and i thought at that time rollerblades would never get popular...see what I know.

remember, to keep a sport alive you need to get the young kids stoked on it.

to get the youth excited, you need innovative products that are easily accessible to the masses. if i had to biuld my own vertical skates when i was thirteen, id be skateboarding today.

props to RollerGirl and Denny (Vdog) for putting vert skates on the market.

special props to VSKATE for
letting us be part of bringing a new product to market

really appreciate it!!


i have been skating vert 4 25 years and I have never been on a product that gets such freekin #$@%^%$ wicked plate slides

pic is of Vdog and skate gromy

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