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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)

Hi Bernhard

: I like too see good innovations, too.

I think it's great that most of us agree that innovation is good for the future of rollerskating!

: : Vert skates built in the classic system/design could be
: : on more shelves, just as the VSK8 could hit the shelves.
: I doubt it.

I didn't say I would believe that the V Skate or the classical vert skates *will* hit the shelves in a big way, but that they both *could* do so to some extend (I wrote "could be on more shelves"), like skateboards did again and again over the last decades.

I think that as far as the future of "aggressive" (street/vert/etc) skating is concerned it's not a question of "either V Skate or classical rollerskates", but that both systems can co-exist.

All I tried to express originally was that even if the V Skate becomes popular that the classical vert/street rollerskate system (skateboard style hangers etc) will not die, neither for recreational nor for vert/street skating purposes. (In response to "Will this vskate be the way of the future Or just a Gimmick" in the original post)

The future of the classical rollerskate system generally is pretty independent from that of the V Skate, I suspect.

: Most kids just don't skate vert.

Both the V Skate and classical vert skates (such as Lisa's) can be used for street skating, as in the skateboarding sense of the term "street skating".

: They skate street and a few of them skate mini ramps.
: Hardly anyone goes fot the big ramps.

By the way, I don't really skate much vert myself, I admire those flying vert wizards but mostly stick to street skating (stairs, banks, etc).

I'd like to try out the V Skate myself, it definitely seems to offer certain advantages, but I wonder if it carves well, and if I'd like the strap on "sandal system" ...


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