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Doubles & Triples Runs....The Movie
Hi Everyone,
Been away to visit & sk8 with my Dad in Tucson. Still compiling, sorting, naming videos, but have a little something for you guys.
This is a project I'd had ready for a bit,but was waiting for a couple more scenes. I got 'em in AZ. this weekend with Ben. Threw it into this real fast & here you go....

I'm working on something from the Pearls of my weekend of sk8in with my Dad. I'll post it when it's done. Should be Good......Two Generations, One 'Craft' as Ben put it in earlier thread.
OK. Couple other things.
I LOVE Robert's idea about the T-Shirts & donations for Bernhard. However, I DON'T think we should ear-mark them for Forum costs. (Sorry, Mr. B.) I think it should be for Mr.B.'s airfare to come out to Vegas for RollerCon in 2010!
Also, Robert, Ben is now on OMA. He posted a thread yesterday & everyone is already being ultra-cool to him AND telling he oughtta know you! You're Fug'n Famous over on OMA, Homie! LOL! OCRob37 Lives! Haha : )
Well, that's it for this edition of JayTV. I'm working on more, but I'm pretty beat. 1000+ miles & 3 Parks in 48 hours. With One Baby, Two Dogs & the most understanding Wife any sk8er was ever lucky enough to have!

captcha is "had duchesse"
I haven't actually,
but I'm not ruling anything out!
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