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brian w.
Lars Lannguth
Hi folks I was scanning through old entries and found this one from Lars. I have just copied the message and pasted it here. For the complete entry look back into the history around september 16th.

Message 1149 (1. Mar. 2004 21:15)

Lars "Vegas"Langguth
Subject: Arne Langguth
Content: Hi Brian!
Sorry Im late needed time to clear my head.
Thank you so much for for your reminding my Twin.
You and Jimmy made us a "part of History".
Remember 87 Hotelroom and TRACKER plates?
What a luck to met you!
When STYLE counts
Red Row Six the name of the band we both played in. Thats where you can get me.
Stay Wild & Big Hug to the ones who deserve it.
SK8 Eight

Sorry its a little bit weird. Im not used to....
Read you next time,Brian


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