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The Tucson Footage.....aka Virtual Vert gets Real!
The forum space is limited and in the interest of truth in the media I mentioned only skaters I have had the privilege to skate with. You are right about Irene's omission though. Though I included the Concrete Queen with my referance to her not having a Vert Card with her face on it, Mea Culpa for not specifically mentioning Ms. Ching. F.Y.I to all, Jackie (my little sister) whose identity Jay explained in a previous reply to this post, has always been a photography nut and without her the pics of my early days would not exist. She even snapped the one that graces my Vert Card way back in the 70s. Virtually nobody was taking shots of quad skaters back then unless it was involved with some type of sponsored activity or involved first responders. Lace up and roll on.
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