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when do I know?
Hey Claudine!
No offense to Robert, but I think if you CAN'T wait Dr.'s recommended time, then sk8, but NOT in any "small bowls" or little ramps. I know this is always what seems natural when we're coming back from an injury or even when we're coming back from years away or even just starting out. However, I can't stress this enough: "Small Stuff is where you take the bone-breaking SLAMS"! I agree with Brother Robert so far as the "just take it easy, cruise around" idea, but if you're doing that in anything that's not a couple feet taller than you (or more), sooner or later, SLAM.
Just my 2 cents......I don't wanna see anymore crazy X-Rays from you that's cool as they are...LOL!
I certainly understand the overwhelming NEED to get out & sk8....even when that's not a very good idea!
Take care, wear ALL your pads, & sk8 stuff that you have enough room to fall properly/safely.

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