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V Dog
Reintroduce myself
: Hi Denny,
: nice to see you in the forum again and better still that you have arrived at making the vskate. I will need at least one pair to try it out myself and to get a friend of mine back on skates (where he belongs) so that he can roller skate more often than once or twice a year. Hello Bernhard, thank you for you order. before we ship could you tell me whether you like very firm truck action or medium. And also what durometer wheels do you want 80 shore or 90 shore, I would recommend 90 shore hardness for cement surfaces,and 80 shore for everywhere else because testing 90 shore on skate lite is way slippery. As of present we are in pilot production with our oem wheels which are a narrower than standard bearing to bearing width. We have ordered longer axles to accomodate standard wheels sizes and we'll send you free upgrades as soon as we get them in. PS> What is your weight if you don't mind? Denny
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