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I just used that website earlier today, twice, in order to learn simple words that I had only heard for the first time in the last couple days.

While getting out of my Crown Victoria in front of the skatepark in San Antonio a guy on a bike, whose car I parked right beside, asked me if I was with the Jakes. I had a good idea of what he meant, but asked anyway to get his answer and then proceeded to ask what difference it made whether or not I was a 'Jake'. He was getting ready attach the bicycle to the rear of his car until realizing that I was not a 'Jake'. Apparently he thought I might give him some shit for riding a bike a park made for skaters.

The second word I heard in a movie today while a character was talking down to another female. The word of the day for me is 'cooze'.

That UrbanDictionary site is very helpful at times!

BTW, thanks for asking about the meaning of 'Grom' Bernhard! I had seen it several times before but never bothered to inquire about it's meaning. I though it may have been specific to BMX riders, until now.
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