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Fred Blood skateboard
Chris Eggers brought to my attention the following item on They do a monthly EBay watch and found

"This next complete is so entirely cool and rare on so many levels. Itís a G&S Frank Blood routed deck from 1979 complete with International Motosport trucks and green Kryptonics. Itís typical of most G&S Proline decks of the time: company name on one side and pro name on the other. But who knew that Frank Blood ever had a pro model skateboard? Not many I guess. He isnít even listed on AOS. For those that donít know, Frank Blood was probably the most well known vertical roller-skater in the world. Yes thatís roller-skates, not rollerblades. He could really rip up a ramp on 8 wheels, and I guess he ripped on 4 too, because G&S wouldnít give a pro model to just any chump. Itís in great used condition, and the early Indy sticker on the tailblock is a nice touch. $582."
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