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Holly Days
For the Xmas holidays, Holly, Raven and I went to San Francisco. We were there from the 25th to the 30th. It was strictly a vacation with a lack of purpose other than to relax and enjoy ourselves during the Holidays.

The day before we left San Fran, I skated the Golden Gate Bridge; from one side to the other and back! I loved it. What a huge and impressive structure.

What I liked most about being there was the fact that they have a fantastic transportation system with both the MUNI and the B.A.R.T. available. You don't need a car there!

Every block was jam packed with everything you'd need to lead an everyday life, without having to go more than a few blocks for much other than groceries. And what you cannot find in your neighborhood can be found by just hopping on the MUNI.

My biggest disappointment was that the Golden Gate park does not have a path that allows skaters. Such a huge, beautiful park and not a single skater allowed. :( There is also a lack of skate parks in the city. You have to go further south for any real good skate parks.

All in all though, I have to say thumbs up. What a cool city!!
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