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Been gone too long....

1st of all, WHEN are you going to stop leading with your face!?!? Now your eyebrow matches your lip scar, eh? You should just do what the bad guy in that Dirty Harry film did; pay someone to beat you up, and get it out of the way. Then, when you skate, you wouldn't get hurt anymore! (not sure if this will work-let me know how it turns out)

Really though, I hope everything heals up O.K.. That really sucks about your fingers. Must have been a pretty good fall! It was probably about the same time that I also took a big fall and jammed my fore-finger on my left hand. It is still kinda jacked as well. Did you get them checked out at the hospital?

Btw, is that skate park, that Duke is skating, the one they were building on Venice beach recently? Last time I went to L.A., they were in the middle of building one there. It looks like a lot of fun!

Well, get better, keep skating, and hopefully we'll make it out to RC this year. I'd love to meet Brian W.. Tell your family hello for me! Also, say hi to the whole Cali gang next time you see them. Of course, they are probably reading this here as well.

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