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Video with Trey
My nephew Trey has been skateboarding for many years now, but only in the last few months has he had a local skatepark to play with and learn some vert moves. Since he already skates quads reasonably well at the rink it was easy to get him into some quad vert skating at the parks.

Here is some footage from late December and the first day of the year combined into one video. The camera was passed back and forth between Trey and myself. Counting both days I must have collected 50 minutes worth of video that had to be sorted through and edited in order to make the best presentation possible. This is what I came up with...

Unfortunately this past Sunday he had a bad fall while rolling around the pro bowl at Jaws after which he could not walk at all, complaining that his left ankle was likely broken. He said that the foot was in an unnatural position after the fall and once he repositioned it with his hands it then looked mostly normal again. We packed up and drove him home for evaluation. By the time we made the 40 minute drive his ankle was swollen up really badly on both sides. In the next few days he was diagnosed with a fractured fibula and underwent surgery. That went well and he should be healed up in 8 weeks. If any of you have not seen the x-rays go look at the thread titled "Videos Last Month".

This happened less than a week after his 20th birthday, and 3 days before his birthday gift was delivered... a whole set of safety gear including a helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards (not to say that any of it would have prevented this injury). The thing that really sucks about all this is that he will be going into the Air Force mid April and has been instructed not to participate in any dangerous activities for two months prior to that time. And once engaged in active duty he will not be allowed to hurt himself for another 4 years. So, he is done skating for a good while now :(

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