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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Interview with Perry Gruner
: : Alex is rolling again and he didn't have any skates of his own for about 10 years.
: :
: Is this Alex in this link you posted?
: On the video it says Schnitt Schellfisch.

Ah, OK, I can clarify that. His full name is Alexander Schell. Back in the times he created kind of fakie hand-plant 360 flip, which we used to call a Schellfisch (probably shell fish in plain English, we Germans like to have our sh with a c sandwiched in). Schnitt is cut which means that he played around with his video application and compiled the takes I did with a cheap digi cam, also adding a few special effects. The music is also by him and a friend of his. And, of course, he is the one riding the St. Gallen bowl in the video. You can see a few stills of him in our St. Gallen spot check.
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