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JayTV Returns!
Hey Skaters!
How's everybody been in their respective little corners of Planet Earth? I hope everyone is well. And, for those of you in my hemisphere, Spring is nearly Sprung! That means it's time to polish your sk8s, lube your bearings & get out to the skateparks!
With that in mind, I've put together this episode of JayTV for you guys.
This year I've added a new park to the RollerCon Skatepark Tour: Freedom Park. It's got a nice (though a bit small) clover bowl. There are also some smaller street elements in the park. On Wed (St. Patty's Day) I was able to session Freedom & Dawn filmed.
Last night (Thursday) we went out on the Town. We don't get to do this much these days with an 11-Month old. Well last night was a Special Event @ the nightclub 'RAIN' located in the World Famous Palms Casino. It was Down & Derby, a drunken rollerskating event INSIDE a posh Vegas club. Fun times.
I'm visible throughout the video in full Pimp attire: Purple Pimp Hat AND matching Purple Feather Boa....& custom Vert sk8s, of course. I took the camera out on the floor a few times. I seemed to be the only person doing this as most of the skaters were.....less experienced than present company! Dawn got some video from a stationary position can see me weaving through the slower skaters bobbing & weaving with my boa trailing me. : )
There were Derby Girls, my buddy Bill & his wife Jess, my gorgeous wife, Dawnie & tourists, locals & even a rollerdog!

It was quite an evening. Lots of Fun. Skating @ the Palms followed by more drinking @ the World's ONLY Playboy Club on the 52nd floor of the Playboy tower. Killer night.
Hope you guys enjoyed the video.
I'm still hoping to get onto the mountain another time or two this season. I've got a pair of 75cm (that's about 30in to my American friends) skiboards on their way to me. They're billed as "Skates for the mountains" & everything I've read/heard agrees with that assessment. I'm pretty Stoked to get them & try them out. Hopefully next week. I trust you guys will allow another snowski video submission before the Spring Sun melts away Sin City's snowpack, because it'll be coming!
Much Love to ALL!
I hope this inspires everybody to lace up & get out & sk8! And if you have a camera, (Biff!) take some footage & share it with your roller-homies here on Mr. B's Beloved Vert Forum.
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