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How many people skate?
Well, as few vert skaters as there are, there are more than were around years ago. In 1976 when I first dropped into a bowl there were only 2 skateparks within 250 miles of Detroit and vert skaters??? Let me think for a nanosecond....oh yeah, me. Talkin' quad skaters here gang because rollerblades were yet to be invented. You made your own skates out of a few cannablized boards and some hockey boots and learned "on the job". Why not just buy some agressive quads? Mostly because no one was manufacturing any. I made skates for myself, my brother, several friends and a few people who would watch then ask "Where can I get a pair of those?". If you think we are an oddity today you shoulda' been there back in the day. Besides, as much as we like to make fun of the rollerbladers, they are showing up at the parks in numbers far beyond our own. Tough to admit but they are skating and every week I see younger kids on 8 wheels on the ramp eager to learn. Anyway you slice it, you can jump off a board, a skooter or a bike when the new trick goes south or the Grom jumps in out of turn. There' no jumping off a pair of tightly laced skates no matter how the 8 wheels are aligned. Hell, that' half the allure isn't it? Wish we had half, no 1/100th as many ready to try quads. Worldwide our craft is growing though and thanks to people like Bernard this forum stands in testimony therof. As long as we keep skating, keep talking and keep getting up after a perfectly executed one and a half twisting face plant vert skaters will go on. Roll on more thing I would be remiss to omit, the captcha on this post is " and danger" OH Yeah!!!!
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