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Happy Birthday Irene
Thanks much to all of you fine rollers!
Back in the day, no one carded you (identification card as in drivers license to prove you are of age to drink) ... so I've had many years of liberal inbibing. Nightclubs were wide open for us youngsters then. I feel kinda bad for kids today!
Spent my birthday on the mountain in Vermont. Nice spring weather, good tan already and plenty-o mudskipping. Cheers afterwards at the base lodge with my good friend, Bridget, whose b-day was on the 6th (her 50th) a rad snowboarder and waaay coool. Our last run was the boardercross trail.... fun fun fun!
Ahhh, to be 21 again... it's glorious!
I hope to be in Spain next year for my 50th, tho' Bridget is tempting me into going to Ireland to visit with her crazy kin.... I can't compete with that kind of alcohol level... you need a bigger body scale for that.
I hope to sk8 vert Sunday and get my motorcycle out next week, while waiting for the new awesome combi bowl to open, maybe mid-May? Keep ur fingers crossed... it is NY shitty, after all...
Time to book your flights! I gotta get mine, too... and get me taxes done by the 15th.....blah
Once again.... much much love to all you high rollers out there! Stay rockin' n rollin'
Fer sure.... ;-)

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