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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
2 Days on the mountain.....just 1 video.
Hey Skaters!
What's up? I see that Biff is getting his Sk8 on already this Spring. And that Ms. Stone is a VERY Talented, Creative person & she's on her game this season too. I, myself have only been skating once in last month. :( I know, I know. But the Ski Season ends next Sunday here in Vegas (longest season in their History! Yay Global Warming! LOL!) & I've been up to the hill several times this month & think/hope I have one more skiday in me this season. We'll see.
At any rate, I've really been enjoying myself on my snowsk8s. I've also become more comfy filming while skiboarding so..... here's my latest offering comprised of footage from 2 days the 1st day with Bill & his wife Jess, & the 2nd day with Bill, Tim & Ken (who some of you may remember from my Guerrilla Grandpa sessions @ the then still-closed 'Freedom Park' clover bowl).
I'm telling you, Kids, these skiboards aka snowsk8s are really the rollersk8s of the mountains. If you like winter sports AND rollersk8s, you will LOVE skiboards!
OK. Here's the video. I like my intro sequence: through the trees. With a camera! It was fun & sketchy. Enjoy.

So??? Anybody else hitting the slopes this year? Irene? I know you were ripping the Super-Pipe in Vermont on your B-Day. Let's see some footy, please!
And, of course, more rollerskating videos, pics, please. Sculptures are awesome too! LOL!
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