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Brian W (pictures by Brian W)
: And a novelty those vskates are indeed. We have to get harder wheels on them, however. With the standard wheels, they are a bit slow on the ramp. Did you also have a first look on them?
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: Did you test ride them on the street? What do you think about their turning ability? Pros/Cons?
Brian wrote: Yes I have received my skates. I took them out for a spin on the street that night after putting in the softest cushions. They were fun, I was pleased with the turning ability. Mine have the aluminum cored wheel which is green, and they are softer than what I ride normally but felt good on the street. I rode them at the park ( several days later, in the bowl and the one vert wall. The turning was definately different than my skates but was managable, I missed grinding on trucks but could slide on anything. They suffered some damage.
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