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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Back to the old Vert Ramp!
Hi Kids.
I realized it had been over 2 months since I skated yesterday. Well, Ski Season's over & that just won't do!
So, I geared up & headed over to Area 702 for a solo vert session (sadly, solo seems to be the norm on a vert session on Vegas these days).
I recorded myself for my 1st & 2nd runs. Believe me there's nothing amazing here in my skating, other than I DID drop-in even though it actually looked BIG & Sketchy to me after so long away!
The brief video also shows Area 702's new stage for live bands. Tim (owner of 702) now has a limited liquor license, live bands & a 15-person shuttle van @ his disposal. He REALLY wants to have his stop of the RC Sk8 Park Tour Blow-Up & I think it'll happen.
Anyway, here's my sk8 on the coping, prior to Drop-in:


And here's my video submission.....I apologize in advance for the facial scruff. I had to shower & shave after skating & viewing this myself! Here it is:

My 1st time back on my Sk8s since learning to SkiBoard this Winter/Spring. from Jay Cloetens on Vimeo.

I know the skating AND video production were BOTH weak here, but I was just stoked to be back on 8 wheels again on a vert ramp. : ) Thought with the skiboard videos I've submitted over the last couple months I owed you guys an uncensored, unashamed look at what a couple months off can do! So get out there & sk8 OFTEN!

PEACE from Sin City!
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