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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Skating again later today......and NOT all by myself for a change! : )
Yep, going to skate with my buddy Bill (whom you all know from my snow videos) who is a BMXer, but I like him anyway. LOL! He doesn't ride his bicycle (or pedal bike as he calls it) very often, so I don't know what he'll be hitting today after the full Winter off. But he's AMAZING on a real bike aka a motorcycle. He's got his own freestyle launch ramp. I've seen him do jumps off it that launched him 40 vertical feet & 100 feet laterally. Crazy shit. But it looks like fun.
Anyway, not sure if we're hitting Anthem or Freedom today, but I'll capture some footage either way as BOTH parks are stops on this year's RC Sk8 Park Tour, & while Anthem has previously been on the Tour it hasn't been for last 2 years & neither park was on last year's tour as Freedom is a brand-new park this year.
This is only my 2nd time back skating since the Ski season ended & I'm really stoked to be getting to sk8 with a buddy. Hope you guys can handle a little 2-wheel action mixed in with my standard 8 wheel stuff.

Thanks, to EVERYONE who had their kind responses to my last posting "back to the old vert ramp".
Robert, YES it REALLY was my 1st & 2nd runs on film, but I WAS sketchy as Hell!
Claudine, I'll see what I can do on the grind tutorial videos......have you mastered plate stalls yet? That's step 1.
Cepho, would LOVE to see you in the States for ANY occasion to sk8, but RC is Prime Time for Quad Vert People like ourselves....

Sorry to hear that you'll be absent this year, Brother. But I DO understand. Maybe next year.

And, if I missed/forgot anyone else, my apologies. No offense intended, just been awhile since I read any of your replies. Sorry.

Weather is GORGEOUS in Vegas, Kids. Can't wait to get out & roll in it! Video in a day or 2......

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