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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
The FIVE Skate Parks of RC, the videos.

Hello Roller People!
Well, I've been to 3 of the 5 parks on the tour in the last 4 days compiling footage for these promotional videos. Whew! Then I remembered: Parks 3-5 are RC Classics & I'd been there before with other skaters during previous RollerCons, so those videos contain footage from last year with LOTS of killer skaters.
I hope you guys enjoy & get inspired....if not to come out to Vegas, at least to get out to your local parks!

1st the Flyer:

2010 RC Sk8Park Tour

Stop 1 Anthem Skate Park Wed 7/28/10

Stop 2 Freedom Skate Park Thursday 7/29/10

Stop 3 Hollywood Skate Park Friday 7/30/10
(Biff's in this one!)

Stop 4 Area 702 Saturday 7/31/10
(great skating in this too & this year there will be shuttle bus from hotel, live bands AND Booze! Uh-oh!)

And Stop 5 Duck Creek Sunday 08/01/10

Hope all these parks get you Stoked for RC. I know I AM!
PEACE & have a Great Weekend, My People!


captcha is "considered evasion" ??
don't consider evading RC! LOL!
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