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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Rollerskater in Oregon
I've refrained from comment on this one til I knew I could leave my personal frustration from Washington Street (in Robert & Jamie's local skatetown) outta the conversation.
(Deep Breath IN.......& OUT)
Incredible skating from this dude. Not only does he Fly, Float & Flow, he does it all with a unique style. When I learned to sk8 transition I learned with a buddy who was a blader & he did his handplants similar to this guy, but that's about it.
The way he hurled himself for some of those transfers! Damn! I am surprised he can sk8 @ Burnside on rollersk8s w/o being hassled........maybe it's because he's padless! Or he brought them beer. LOL!
Anyway, thanks for posting this, Robert. Now,I task you with getting this unknown skater to the RC Sk8park tour for me! You have just over 8 weeks to get it done! Wed July 28 is 8 weeks from this Wednesday. Hope you & Jamie & this dude ALL make it out!
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