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After a long cold winter, yes I know I say this each spring, but this last winter had double iced days (42), could have been OK for ice skating, but unfortunatly was very bad for outdoorramp rollerskating!!! Things even got worse when I tore my ankle and add nearly two months to that already long winter. So when I got confirmation that yes, there would be a vert for the Taig Khris mega jump, and yes there will be free access for everybody, I filled my bag with all my skating gear and run to the Eiffel tower!!!!
I went there on wednesday, to see how the mega quarter was improving: it was nearly ready, and I coud see some of the first jumps of Taig Khris (and fortunate to get an autograph...) from low eigth:about 20 m on the quarter. No sign of the vert, but so far, so good, the internet schedule still stated free access and pro demo!!!

Friday afternoon was cool!! After a full rainy thursday, a blue sky, Taig jumping from higher from the plateform, and the vert ready for access: nearly a full afternoon of ripping that one with few other skaters!!!

Satur(n)day, the w(h)ell named (Saturn, god of the fool), was D-day for Taig to establish the record!!!! When I arrived on the site, it was crazy, there was hundreds of catalan rugby supporters drinking, making fire for bbk everywhere!!! It was cool on the vert: Nel Martin, Jean Postec, Lamine Fathi and Sven Bokhorst were there to make a very nice demo!!! Some other pro were riding too as Kevin Maron Lopez. It was cool to skate with 2 other quad skaters that I met on other ramps. At a moment, we were 3 quads and an inliner!! At about 6pm, the Champ de Mars was full (Mars god of war…), ready for Taig performance!!! I was standing on the vert (1/10 of the mega) to watch the event, Taig made it twice full armored from 12.5m, the second time was perfect, with a long rolling time, and all the groupies shouting!!!! Impressive how yong ladies run fast after Taig when it’s time to get an autograph!!! Weather was cloudy with some drops, but it fully rained just after Taig performance.....So far so good!!!!

Sunday was all but sunny, begining with heavy rain, nevertheless around 11 rain stopped, and at 12 the ramps where dry!!! Everybody were waiting for a drop from Taig, but the wind was strong, and he didn't make it. We had again demos from the Saturday pros, going higher!!!! Nel and Jean Postec really ripped hard!! For me it was again a full afternoon of skating, taking confidence and going a bit higher, even if I was a bit sore.... So that was a very good week-end of skating, enjoying the Eiffel tower view, and sharing it with all the other ramp riders I know from RIP Roller Parc Avenue with a cool public, the main thing I missed was to share those moments with all of you, quad rskating addicts from all the world and from Mr B forum!!! Hope we can gather somewhere someday for real!!!!

Here is a compilation of some vids, credits go for my wife, Nora Megajump and me:

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