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New RollerSkate "World" on

Hey Skaters,
I've recently started using a really cool site for sharing/networking with everyone about everything. Everything, that is, EXCEPT, rollerskating. Something I have now remedied. I have created a "World" (their terminology) just for us. This is by no means a replacement for our beloved forum (all Hail, Bernard!), but merely an extra tool to expose more people to this Sport I LOVE so dearly. Those of us that frequent the Forum are "in the know". My, sorry OUR, new World will expose people that are NOT "in the know" as it were.
Anyway, I've only got one conversation started in my World (RC SkatePark Tour, who's shocked?! LOL!) so far. But you guys can start new ones, comment on existing ones....whatever you like.
I DO request that you ALL "orbit" (again their terminology) the RollerSkate World, so I'm not all alone there.
Here's link:

You'll have to join Gravity to participate, but it's easy, free & fast.
Thanks, Kids.
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