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Adventures in Construction
So i go to the Skatepark to get my other box of Ricta Naturals and it turns out they didn\'t even order them, so have to wait til Tuesday now for them to turn up :(

Did manage to snag a pair of kizer inline frames for free, though they\'re slimline so not really mountable. Decided just to reshape the old inline frames i was using and they seem fine for the time being. Not paying for a new set, so I\'ll just see if i can get a hold of some more used ones when i start frequenting the skatepark.

Also managed to grab a few sets of inlines from charity shops for proper cheap (those slider attachments come in handy as do having spare bearings, wheels and boot liners). I need to use one of the liners infact to make ankle pads as I\'ve found my boots are giving me a bit of rub in that area.
Does anyone know what purpose those wire strap things that wrap over the laces serve on the inlines, or are they just aesthetic?

Just need to do the other boot now and cut the fronts of the skis off, then await my other box of Rictas turning up.

Also note my new coffee mug which is awesome :P

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