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Good thing...
: You don't give yourself enough credit dude, your just taking your time thats all. You got the right idea there, i especially love the way you worked around the problem of attaching the xsjado frames.

Thanks! :D

: One thing i will say about doing a build is you end up looking at everything as a part. I was going round the charity (thrift) shops looking at random crap thinking hmmm, if i cut here and drill here i could use this for something. I wasted a lot of time looking at nothing.
: Better just to keep things simple.

I can relate. I've even wondered if I can just keep the dust from the xsjado frames and melt it into something else, but maybe it's better off in the vacuum cleaner.

Hey, has anyone of you ever made your own grinding wax? I have. :D
But that was a few years ago. I think I still have a piece of it, though.
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