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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
I did it, finally, new TRICK! YES!!
WOW, haha, just learned a new trick today! I"m at least 1" taller, YES!

I got the T stalls! 3 times so far. 1st time was like a 2 step deal, 2nd time I dropped in the deep end, carved around, nailed it perfectly, no step deal, came back down, around, slide onto my knee pads and screamed, YES! I was so happy!! Did you guys hear me? I'm sure at least Irene did. :-D Thanks Jay for the videos. II'll post on the other board too just too many forums now for me lol. My 1st time learning something new since the accident. I also was able to jump through the kiddie section, come up and jump right into the bowl today and got 75% of the back stalls down which I havent attempted recently. Need a little bit more confidence there. I am NOT scared of the coping now, very happy. I need to get to the kiddie park and practice almost daily!!

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