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lee e (pictures by lee e)
woodward contest
ok let me clarify -

seem Brian w has the 411 on who and what - he is the only person I have heard has connections with Woodward W. I saw some mention in the posts below, I also know that I have offered to help w any coodination that needs to be done and I have still not been approached by Brian or anyone else who may have connections with the event people or the venue.

I can only offer to help - if no one lets me know who to call or what needs to be done I can not be effective in helping this move forward.


: : : PSW> whats going on at woodward west in october for the roller skateskaters is it a contest or a jam.
: : yes - i can help coodinate things and stuff if need be
: That's like replying 'yes' to the question 'coffee or tea'? I think that william is none the wiser now. ;-)
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