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Second session
Hello fellow 8-wheeled freaks,

Here's a little poem I hoped to be suitable to include in our rollerskating art collection. Maybe I should be doing more poetry. Anyway, never mind the silly first line.

I come back from a desert land to bring good tidings to all of you
In that sandy desert lay a drained swimming pool like an oasis to all thirsty of


I dived into the oasis
sliding along it's borders
flying flowing out and back
there my body went
like a fake
falling in backwards
The waves roared and the waves rolled
in the middle of the desert sand

It was a good session, vid will be uploaded within a few days.

In the meantime, I also put most of the tools where they came from, so my rooms almost back to normal.

captcha: been torquad
Whatever. Enjoy your day.
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