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Decent inexpensive vertskate plates.
Broke the aluminum base plate on my sk8s 2 days ago & have been trying to figure out best/cheapest/fastest way to get them replaced or repaired before RollerCon in less than 2 weeks. Well, has hooked me up. They are selling the Sure-Grip Super-X plate WITH 4' wide trucks (you need these specific trucks for these plates) for LESS than $50!! now you still need wheels, bearings & boots, but DAMN! That's a good deal. I ordered 3 sets for myself before they go the way of the Dodo....sorry the Tracker.
Anyway, here's the link.

They also sell "mounting kits" for a few bucks that have all the nuts bolts & washers to attach plates to boots. And you need to buy toestops for a few dollars more...if you want 'em. Anyway, I've been riding these for about 18 months & REALLY like 'em. They're a GREAT platform you can attach ANY boot & wheels you want to fairly inexpensively.

I've been kinda frantic since breaking my sk8 the other day. Especially when I tried to order a new pair & found the largest size was a Men's 8 (I'm a 10) & I got my sk8s from THEM less than 2 years ago. After talking to a couple people on the phone I was told they were discontinuing them & just selling off existing stock, hence no 10's. But the plates are available still & pretty inexpensive. I know I broke one, but I had another issue with a stripped kingpin that I should've addressed & didn't. I paid a price. But they're still quality.
Anyway, thought you guys oughtta know while they were still available. If you wait too long, I'll probably buy the rest of their stock myself! LOL!
Wish me luck on getting my plates here AND installed onto my boots safely & quickly. RC starts in LESS than 2 weeks!
And, Bernard, will we have to wait til 2011 for this year's contest pics?!? :P Just razzin you, Mr. B. :D
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