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Ok yes I know my skates need a big overhaul....due to start next week with new wheels and boots....but anyway this is how I have my slider....and it works a treat...havent even touched it for about 11yrs now...Not everyone may like how Ive done it but It works well for me....I gota strip of steel about 5mm thick and about 40-45mm wide...bent the ends with a hammer while it was clamped over the edge of a bench till the ends sat nice on my Indy freestyle base plates..then drilled holes in them a bit bigger than my kingpins.After that I found some old skateboard rails and cut them so they would fit...and drilled a couple of holes in each..then drilled some holes in my slider bar to match and then I taped each hole to fit a bolt of my choice..Countersink the holes on the skateboard rail if needed...the only thing that was a little different doing it this way was that i had to cut my bottom rubber in half...Ive had no problem with doing long as you get the rubbers to fit snug..with the bar sitting at the bottom of my rubbers and taped holes in them its quite easy to try different thickness skate rails or whatever you like on them...just drill holes to match and then bolt them back on...anyway hope this may give people some more we make our own skates its all trial and error...And I think it makes anyone who has made there own skates to shred is a true hardcore....all the best...ROLLERBALL...paul jessep...
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