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Nasty bails
Two sessions ago I fell quite hard.
I tried what inline skaters call a backside stall, that is, stalling on both sliders with my back facing the coping. Visualize it.
Now a proper backside stall is done slanted, leaning into the ramp, so that the wheels don't make contact. Now imagine me doing that stall, but instead of doing the slanted pose on the coping, I do it ten centimeters into the flat.

My skates drove on without my torso. My upper body gained enormous momentum, and I'm sure Bernhard could tell us a lot about how my ribs had to absorb all the kinetic energy as I slammed on the coping.
Heh. I was gasping for air for a minute there, with everyone around me asking if I was alright.
Fifteen minutes later I was picking it up again, making sure I wasn't too frightened to do backside stalls anymore.

I also felt a sort of snapping motion in my neck. Guess I'm very lucky not to have a whiplash.

Have any of you guys had hard, yet lucky, slams before?
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