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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
The RollerCon Sk8Park Tour "Area 702" Movie
Hey, everybody.
Sorry I've been away for awhile. I've been busy with RC & exhausted after. I've finally finished all my RC Movies. I'm embedding the Best one here. It's comprised of footy from "Area 702", the Tropicana's pool & our suite. I made several edits before settling on this one. And it's pretty long (23min) but well worth watching. Duke busts out the 540 Invert & I caught it from 3 different angles! AWESOMENESS on Film! Unfortunately shortly after this I deleted ONE little clip & caused my text to be off (late) by one clip for rest of film. :-( Desi Jones sk8s on vert ramp with his daughter but text doesn't appear until next clip....then Ufra does plate stall on my sk8 on vert ramp & I call it on next clip. Sorry, just learning my editing software & can't claim to be Spielberg or Raven (Biff's son), I'm trying though. The skating is BadASS regardless.

Vertical RollerSkating @ Area 702 from RollerCon SK8Park Tour 2010 from Jay Cloetens on Vimeo.

And just in case the embed didn't work, here's the link to that video:

Also, I invite AGAIN everyone to come scope out where I've got the videos for all the other stops including the Super Secret, Vert-Dogs ONLY session @ the PAIR of private pools

Wagon Wheel Pools

known locally as Wagon Wheel. The only REAL pool coping in Vegas! There's alot of cool content on there & I'm ALWAYS wanting more from people like YOU! This is NOT an alternative to Bernard's Beloved Forum here. It's intended to inspire my derby friends.
Speaking of which, I met some AWESOME girls (& 1 guy) from OZ who came out to ALL FIVE parks with me! In fact, I gave one girl, Deborah Hill aka "Bambi Von Smash'er" a newly invented Skatepark Tour Title "MVP". Joe90, RollerBall & Ludi, I know it's a BIG Country Down Under there, but this girl (& her posse)are from Canberra & you watch the video(s) & you'll see she's a GO-er! If you ever get 'round Canberra, look her up! She's on now if you wanna get in touch w/her.

Guess I'll link up other videos for you guys while I'm @ it.....

Stops 1 & 2 :

Stop 3 (Hollywood):

& Secret Session @ my friend Kirk's house aka "Wagon Wheel":

Hope you guys like the videos. Like I said, still figuring out what the F I'm doing on the editing. I had a GREAT time this RC. Ufra & Marta were super cool & brought just the right amount of international Flavor to the festivities. I hope/think they enjoyed what hospitality I was able to offer them.

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