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tips for the spine? :-D!
Well I went over the spine today! Total impulse, finally lol. YESSSS!!!!!!! Anyway, its like 2 halfpipes together so there are 2 copings next to each other. I get on it and step back in the next ramp but I guess I get scared or freeze or something dumb and my left foot is on the coping on the other ramp so I put that knee down and step in the other ramp with my right foot. I did this 3 times in a row lol. I got some pretty bruises on my shin developing lol. So maybe the obvious is to pick up my left foot or jump in but hints seriously lol? I will wear shin guards next time so I dont have war wounds to show for my progress hehehehehe.

Also guys, this is a kiddie park with asphalt and the skatelite/wood ramps transition with these metal pieces so bumpy and uneven. I'm skating with 96a 59mm wheels now and they rattle. Should I change to the rainskates 85a wheels? I think they are 58mm so smaller, wider which is harder on the tiny ramps but I REALLY need something that rolls better and faster on the asphalt as that is like a mud pool when I'm skating and I have to move to the bigger halfpipe where the center is the asphalt. I have some slightly softer 58mm 95a ones too but those are my options. I think I"m out of shape so maybe thats why I am not going fast enough. Just I need some SPEED!

I also dropped in on the 7 - 7 1/2 foot quarter, not vert though and got over both humps with stoppers on fine. I figured out how to pump them to get over the 2nd larger one. No more splint, stoked!

Best news, feeling great now and the weather might have cooled so hopefully I can get to the kiddie park DAILY. I guess lip tricks and working my way to the 8 foot quarter pipe will be some my goals. Yo, I'm digging the spine so help me out guys. Thanks!

Peace love and wheels, heehehhehe
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