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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: : I fulfilled a request for them from Russia recently and received last week another one from St. Petersburg, asking for "Naklejki". Now I know almost 20 Russian words!
: **What does "Naklejki" mean?? couldn't tell me, but an image search on Google and a person who knows Russian confirmed my hunch: It just means "Stickers" ...

: : I could maybe provide you with some stickers, I think have a few floating around (apart from those really rare, valuable stickers).
: That would be awesome! I got a mail from Duke, and he is sending some as well. Thanks so much!

OK, you got me to carry my nuts-and-bolts-box back to my cellar where I looked for some stickers while I was there. I was right: There where some to be found! I won't send many, however, to keep postage from sky-rocketing.
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