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Double Session--Single Movie
Hey Kids,
Been busy lately & haven't skated but twice since RC.....until last Sunday. I got a chance to session a little Spine ramp I love but rarely skate for about 2 hours, then after I was so pumped up, I went & skated Area 702's Vert ramp for another hour & 1/2. I've been experimenting with different mounts on my new GoPro camera & like what I've been getting as a result. I used the double session as an excuse to practice my filming & editing abilities. Here's the result. I can promise you this: the music is MUCH better now.Check it out:

And, for anyone interested in my "Final Edit" of the RC Sk8Park Tour, you can find it (along with all the individual park stop videos) on Here's link for the Final Edit:

OK. I await your comments on the 1st Ever TRUE "Sk8-Cam" angles!
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